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Chicken salami

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With our chicken cuts in natura or on the tray, this classic is even tastier and easier to make!


1 kg of fillet or chicken breast Every Day

2 carrots

2 onions

300g of olive

200g pitted black raisins

1 red pepper

2 apples

mayonnaise for stitching

Olive oil and lemon to taste

300g potato straw

Chicken Salami Sliced Masala - Republic of Chicken


Cook the chicken Every Day, shred and set aside. Grate the carrot in the coarse grater and bring to the fire with water and salt until it boils; strain and reserve.

Pit the olive lengthwise and chop it into small strips. Cut the pepper into strips; grate the onion in the coarse grater and squeeze to remove excess liquid. Peel and cut the apple into small cubes.

Mix the other ingredients with the raisins and chopped parsley. Season everything with salt and lemon and add the mayonnaise, mixing well.

Reserve in the fridge until serving time and, only then, mix the potato straw (this way it gets crispy).

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