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Yusho Bacon Cipher Recipe

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Bitter tamarind
1.5 lb. fried or fried inshell tamarind
1 1/2 oz Saigon cinnamon
1/2 oz bean of paradise
1/2 oz sarsaparilla
750 ml high strength rye

For cocktail
4-inch strip of orange zest
sprinkled with cloves 2 oz Herencia Anejo tequila
1 oz Cocchi Torino vermouth
Bitter Gran Classico 1/4 oz
1 pinch Tamarind bitter

To prepare the bitterness, combine all the ingredients in a wide-mouth glass jar and leave for 10 days. Filter and seal.


To make a cocktail, heat the orange zest with cloves on the grill. Combine tequila, Cocchi di Torino vermouth, Gran Classico and tamarind bitterness in a mixing glass with four large cubes and stir 40 times. Tumble dry in a compartment cup and garnish with orange zest sprinkled with cloves.

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